How CORE can benefit your business…


Save huge amounts of admin time for managing your DSE

Filters and reduces individual DSE risks so that you can prioritise resources to target problem issues.

A fact is…that complex systems reduce effectiveness of cost savings that is why Core is quick, easy, intuitive and clear.

Core enables employees to actively manage their own risks, increasing their awareness which benefits everyone.

Is Software as a Service, so there is no installation and no need for IT support, with your data stored securely.

The greatest benefit to you is the specialist ergonomic support – which is part of the package – at no extra cost – saving you £££’s. The helpdesk can help you manage any employee issues and give you advice and support.

latest news

Why change from paperbased DSE assessments?

If you are currently using a paperbased system it has been established that the increase in the compliance rate for assessments increases significantly to above 95% when comparing electronic to paper systems.

New Core Ergonomics Website

We have launched our new website … we hope you like it. Take look around and find out what Core Ergonomics Desk Assessment is all about.