The Core Desk Assessment Package offers

CORE is great value for money…

when you consider that you are not only getting an on-line desk assessment but also specialist ergonomic help.

Specialist Ergonomic Support.

DSE Risk Assessment Tool Online

Individual Report with solutions and results

Management Reporting – overview of recommendations, individual and organisational actions

Self help guidance for the business
Step by step guide to efficient roll out
User Handbook

Our pricing is very competitive so contact us today for further information and a quotation

latest news

Why change from paperbased DSE assessments?

If you are currently using a paperbased system it has been established that the increase in the compliance rate for assessments increases significantly to above 95% when comparing electronic to paper systems.

New Core Ergonomics Website

We have launched our new website … we hope you like it. Take look around and find out what Core Ergonomics Desk Assessment is all about.