Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the minimum requirements I need to use CORE on my computer?

You will be required to have an active email address that is provided by your place of work – you should use this rather than your personal email address.
To provide you with the most fulfilling online experience, this web site has been optimised for use with the most popular browsers – Internet Explorer (7), Firefox (v3.5.8) and Safari (v4.0.4).

It is possible you may experience problems if you are using a version below IE7. We recommend that you download the most recent version or contact your IT Helpdesk.

Why do I need to do a DSE assessment?

According to the Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations 1992, Section 2, every employer should “perform a suitable and sufficient analysis of [employee] workstations”. This should include all workstations provided by the employer, for the ‘purposes of his undertaking’ of work for that business whether for use by employees or ‘operators’. These assessments are for the ‘purposes of assessing the health and safety risks to which those persons are exposes in consequence of that use’

How often should I complete an assessment?

In accordance with regulations ‘Any assessment made by an employer shall be reviewed by him if there is reason to suspect that it is no longer valid; or there has been a significant change in the matters to which it relates’. It is considered best practice to review assessments on an annual basis or sooner, if individual circumstances change such as change of working practices, change of workstation or relocation, temporary or permanent ill health issue or the employee or for other reasons such as in compliance with the ‘Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers’ regulations.

How long does it take to complete an assessment in CORE?

The CORE desk assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and provides each user with an individually tailored report for advice and action.
How can I stop CORE emails going into my spam folder?

Emails from the CORE system will be from the ‘Administrator’; please allow your email system to accept emails from ‘’


Do these assessments apply to me?

If you have any employees or other operators working for your organisation using workstations and computers – whether you have one or 100 – you have an obligations to complete a DSE risk assessment. CORE desk assessment has been designed to make this quick, easy and helpful for you.

I currently use an alternative solution – should I switch to CORE Desk Assessment?

If you are currently using a paperbased assessment it has been demonstrated that using an on-line system saves time and money. Time is saved by employees completing the assessment within 10 minutes and being given their own report – which provides advice and guidance for best practice and compliance. Time and money is saved by the organisation being able to use electronic reporting to highlight key issues for individuals and the organisation, therefore utilising resources more efficiently.

The increase in the compliance rate for assessments increases significantly to above 95% when comparing electronic to paper systems.

CORE desk assessment is a quick, easy and compliant system that is great value for money…..if you want to reduce time spent completing assessments, increase the uptake in compliance, utilise easy to manage reporting designed for business use and have the value adding advantage of an expert helpdesk to support, advise and guide you to resolve any issues that arise from the assessments, then CORE should be your choice of programme.

How does this tool help to assure my organisation’s compliance with the DSE regulations?

The Core Desk Assessment Package enables you to complete the requirement in the 1993 Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations, for all employers to analyse workstations to assess and reduce risks.

Included in the programme is information and training to help you ensure that workstations meet specified minimum requirements, work activities are planned so that they include breaks or changes of activity, and your eyesight testing and special spectacle provision is available to staff.

Is CORE Desk Assessment suitable for my organisation?

CORE can be used for all organisations whether SME or large businesses, whether public or private sector, whether you have less than 10 employees or more than 5000. The programme has been designed and developed to be used across all sectors, provide risk assessment for the purposes of DSE compliance, and is suitable for all operations where there is a requirements to meet the Health & Safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations 1992.

Registration & Login

I get an error when I enter my username – what should I do?

Copy & paste your username and password from your system notification email to ensure these have been accurately entered into the login boxes.

Your username may not yet have authenticated. Retry in a few minutes. It generally takes a very short time and never take longer than 30 minutes for your username to authenticate. If it has been longer, please contact your Company Administrator for further advice.

If asked to do so, what sort of password should I create?

It should be a strong password but one that you will remember. Use a combination of letters an numbers. Only you will know what the password is – your Company Administrator will not have a record – so it is important that you do not forget it.

I haven’t been asked to create a password – why not?

If were not asked to register a username and password and it was automatically sent to you, this means that your Company Administrator has already entered your details into the system. This is totally safe and is one of the two options available to customers – it means that your Company has chosen this method of set-up.

I have forgotten my username and/or password – what should I do?

If you have simply forgotten your username, contact your Company Administrator who can confirm this for you.

You are the only person you knows your password – so please try to remember it. However, if you cannot recall it, contact your Company Administrator who will be able to request support from the PHC Team.

I didn’t receive an email to confirm my username and password – what should I do?

Check that you have clicked the ‘submit’ button when creating your new user registration. You will have seen a confirmation message if this was successful.

Modify your spam filter to allow emails to be received from ‘’
(NB: you should check your email on a regular basis to ensure messages from the system have not been incorrectly identified as junk).

If these steps have been completed and no email received, contact your Company Administrator who will be able to confirm whether your username has been registered.

I share an email address with a colleague – is this ok?

Yes, so long as your first name and last name are different, this is absolutely fine. You will be asked to register a password that is specific to you but be aware that your registration confirmation will be sent to the email address that you use to register. Take care not to leave emails on display if they contain sensitive information.

I share a computer with a colleague – is this ok?

Yes; when using CORE desk assessment you create a username and password that is unique to you. So long as your first and last names are different – and even better, if you have a unique email address (although this is not vital) – sharing a computer is fine. Take care not to leave usernames, passwords or open screens with personal information or questionnaires on display if sharing a computer.

Security and Privacy

Where is my information physically stored?

Core Ergonomics Ltd is the data processor. All data is owned by the customer organisation and the data is securely stored by our support and hosting provider for which detailed information will be provided to customers.

Who has access to the information I have entered?

Your local company administrator has access to an overview of the information you have entered – not to answers you have provided to questions.

latest news

Why change from paperbased DSE assessments?

If you are currently using a paperbased system it has been established that the increase in the compliance rate for assessments increases significantly to above 95% when comparing electronic to paper systems.

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